Building a new children's home in Benin

About the Project

Founded by proud parents of three, Hawa and Rudy Gestede, Jaarama (which means thank you in Fula) was created out of their longstanding desire to give back to their West African roots, by building a centre to nurture and support children.

The mission of the Jaarama Foundation is to build homes for orphans, across West Africa, with the first being in Benin.

The first children’s home will provide care for 10 children, giving them 24 hour support, and the chance to grow-up in a safe and loving environment, their health and wellbeing will be at the forefront of our care, and we will put education at the heart of the foundation. Our aim is to provide first class education to every child in our care, filling them with hope, knowledge and creating the confidence and skills for them to flourish in the wider world.

Our fully trained staff and volunteers will care for the children in a family-orientated environment, while we will also create a community program to support families. You can see the ongoing progress of the land in Benin in the carousel below.

We believe in a future for children, help us make a difference.

How to Support Our Work

We are a charity looking to make a very big difference to the lives of children, building our first orphanage and maintaining its upkeep, is our long-term vision to secure the welfare of the children, while we look for as many sustainable outcomes as possible, without your donations, we cannot make our mission a reality

Your donation will help build a children’s centre, and provide the ongoing support, staffing, food, clothing, education, medical treatment, and recreational activities for the children in our care.

No amount is too small, and you can also set-up a monthly standing order, simply click the donate button and help make a big difference to the lives of children